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The Best Coworking Spaces and Cafés in Barcelona to Code

The Best Coworking Spaces and Cafés in Barcelona to Code

When you first stumbled across the celebrated Java the Hut coffeehouse joke in The Simpsons, did you ever figure that, down the line, you’d be compiling Java code in a café (in a hut by the beach) yourself? Because, even though the hut part might be a stretch, that’s the way things run in Barcelona. The vivacious Catalonia city — home to beaches galore — is loaded with coworking spaces and cafés for newly arrived devs to settle in quickly. Spanish and Catalan are the two main languages in Barcelona, but expats (and English speakers) will be delighted to find out that many coworking spaces — and coffee store menus — are English-friendly. We’re listing some of the most exciting coworking spaces and cafés for you to punch in some Python statements with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Currently, OneCoWork has three locations: one in Plaça Catalunya, the second one in Portal de l'Àngel, and the third in Catedral. The OneCoWork site in Catedral is only a 20-minute walk to and from Barceloneta beach, so you can consider beach breaks in between intense coding sessions. Amenities include conference rooms, snacks, printing/scanning, complimentary tea, milk, coffee, and lockable storage space.

onecowork (1)

Instagram: @onecowork

Spaces is located at 22 Arroba Mar, a landmark based at the heart of the city’s most popular business hub. Since its original construction in 1992, the building has undergone recent renovations. Marina Avenue, a palm-lined boulevard leading up to the Olympic Port, ends right by this coworking space. The easiest way to travel around Barcelona is with the subway, making Spaces the perfect choice, since it’s only a few steps away from a station. The city's finest beaches and tapas bars are within an easy walking distance, making it ideal for business networking — where you can pitch your latest data science project — client entertainment, and some google old-fascioned drinks at the end of the workday. Spaces 22 Arroba Mar might be the closest-to-the-beach coworking space in Barcelona!

3. Spaces (1)

Instagram: @spacesworks

The Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic) is home to this mystifying café, which has both indoor and outdoor seating. Wi-Fi runs at 25mbps. There is a limited number of usable tables, and they go fast. So, if you want to beat the crowd, getting there early is critical. Furthermore, you can only use the Wi-Fi for a maximum of two hours. Federal Gòtic is recommended for its spacious and comfy tables, and it’s an excellent space for newly minted developers to work from. Keep in mind that the communal table, as well as a few side tables by the windows are the only places you can set your laptop. As a result, sockets are only available in specific locations and don’t expand to the communal dining area.

4. Federal Café Gòtic (1)

Instagram: @thefederalcafe

This coworking space is located in a massive converted cowshed right in the heart of the expat-friendly Poble Sec neighbourhood. So, you can be productive and also have your fair share of fun. It’s the perfect neighbourhood if you want to check out some art, do some yoga, or join the local group of Monday midnight runners. In this unique space, newly arrived developers can interlock their zen-imbuing yoga lessons with their new data science projects. The name “La Vaca” is derived from the Spanish word for “cow,” and the establishment used to be a dairy shop where locals could purchase milk and other dairy products.

La Vaca

Instagram: @lavacacoworking

MyHQ is an “adaptable workspace” that combines the advantages of both conventional offices and coworking spaces, making it ideal for anybody in need of both options. This team has set up three workspaces that are so well-appointed, you could even start working there tomorrow. Each place has a kitchenette, an eating area, and a conference room, so your business may have the privacy it requires without sacrificing comfort. The private offices — which, in turn, provide the opportunity for face-to-face meetings — give a sense of professionalism that is perfect for those programmers taking on projects requiring meetings with potential investors. There are no extra costs, the contracts may be tailored to your specific needs and initiatives, and, like other coworking spaces, everything is set to go. You can just drop by and start punching in novel code.

5. MyHQ

Instagram: @myhq_teamworkspaces

6. MOB (Makers of Barcelona)

Watch out, Barcelona — the development gang is here to stay, and there’s a coworking space that may turn you into a mob. MOB (Makers of Barcelona) was among the first coworking spaces in the city. It provides a variety of services, such as a corporate address, mail pickup, printing, and scanning, as well as access to conference rooms and Skype at any time. With its first coworking space opening in 2011, MOB Barcelona became the first hub for the city's burgeoning entrepreneurial and artistic communities, making the space an ideal setting for developers looking to get their startups going. Fab Café Barcelona, part of the MOB gang, opened in 2014 and was the first cafe in Europe to provide 3D printing to its customers. Caterina, the newest MOB Barcelona site, is located in the heart of the city, near the Jaume I metro station.


Instagram: @mob_bcn

Coco Coffice is a unique coworking space that combines the best of both worlds: coffee and business. If you're the kind to buckle down and get work done while sipping coffee, you'll feel right at home there. Coco Coffice ss a coworking café, an ideal place for itinerant developers to get some work done in peace and quiet. The unlimited coffee deal which is included in their daily rate, will fuel any coder looking to boost their productivity. While sipping your Catalan latte you’ll come across all kinds of people, students, and freelancers living their best lives in the sunny side of the city – that’s evrywhere.

7. Coco Coffice (1)

Instagram: @cococoffice

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