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What Is Blogging?Blogging is essentially the act of creating and publishing content on the internet through a website or platform known as a blog. This content can take many forms, including text, images, videos, or even podcasts, and can cover a wide variety of topics, from personal anecdotes to professional advice and everything in between.

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How much can I earn blogging?
While the amount of money you can earn from blogging varies widely, there is an estimated average earning of $5,000 per month (₦3,750,000) among successful bloggers. However, it's important to note that this is just an estimate and that some bloggers earn much more, while others earn less. 

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Can I start a blog for free?
Yes, you can start a blog for free. There are many blogging platforms available that offer free blogging services, such as WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. These are the best platforms and they allow you to create a blog without any initial investment.

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I am not a good writer how can I improve?You don’t need to be a ‘writer’ to be a good blogger. 

Instead you just have to be able to communicate what you’re trying to say clearly, with good grammar and correct spelling. Infuse a little bit of your own personality and bring out your creative side then you’re onto a winner.

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How to create a blog: 

We’re going to cover each of these steps in detail.

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I used to be hesitant about blogging, but once I started, I realized how fun and easy it is. And the best part? You can make a ton of money from it. Trust me, I'm kicking myself for not starting sooner.

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Mark Daniel


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